Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prizes Awarded!

Prize4Life Followers - Check out the link below, and join me in congratulating prize winners Dr. Harvey Arbesman and Dr. Seward Rutkove whom Prize4Life awarded, with $100,000 in total, for their significant accomplishments while competing for the ALS Biomarker prize. We'd love your thoughts and comments on the award!

Prize4Life announced today that it is awarding prizes to two research teams who have identified preliminary ALS biomarkers and have made substantial progress in the Biomarker Prize Challenge. Dr. Harvey Arbesman has received the ALS Biomarker Discovery Prize for his discovery of a novel skin-based biomarker, and Dr. Seward Rutkove has received the ALS Biomarker Progress Prize for his adaptation of his current research and technology to ALS. Click here to read the full press release (PDF).

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