Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Trapped" event a great success

On October 14 Allison Kotzin and Peter Bowen, two former Prize4Life Board Fellows, organized and hosted an event at the 28 Degrees Lounge in Boston. It was a screening of the ALS film “Trapped”, held as a fundraiser for Prize4Life, and it raised over six thousand dollars (with donations still coming in).

“Trapped” is a provocative new film shining a bright light on the plight of individuals and families living with ALS. The film chronicles the life of a brilliant young composer who discovers he has ALS after an eerie progression of symptoms. Though he loses his ability to physically write music and play the piano, he refuses to cede his spirit and genius to the disease. The film was written and produced by Jim Mahoney and Zach Lewis, and directed by James Takata. It boasts music by Michael Mollo, and was written at the urging of Amy Yamner, the Chair of Prize4Life’s Board (read an interview with Takata, Mahoney, and Lewis here).

Yamner had seen a film about Alzheimer’s disease that had generated attention and moved Alzheimer’s into the public eye; she thought a similar project could be undertaken with ALS. She was right. The film is evocative and haunting, and showcases both the horrors of ALS and the talent of its writers, producers, and actors.

Allison and Peter put on a great party, and Prize4Life co-founder and CEO, Avi Kremer, was present for the evening. Prize4Life President James Giessler gave a moving speech after the screening, and Prize4Life was fortunate to be able to hold a silent auction as well. The 28 Degrees lounge generously provided the space and appetizers for the event. Prize4Life supporters from near and far came to see the movie, talk with each other and with staff, and to hear about Prize4Life’s new work.

The event showed that, even in these difficult economic times, Prize4Life’s dedicated volunteers are able to convene generous donors and an engaged support base. Donors and activists are willing to support compelling causes, and “Trapped” is an incredibly artistic, moving tool that raises both awareness and funds for ALS and Prize4Life. Do you know a group of people who would be interested in seeing the movie? Could you host a screening for us? Send us a note at contact@prize4life.org, and together we can push for more research, more treatments, and someday soon, a cure.

by Meghan Kallman


  1. Another interesting article. I look forward to reading these blogs, they always intrigue and interest me. I am very glad to being a part of this site. Thanks for keeping us informed and God Bless!

  2. And we are so glad you like the blog and continue to read it. Thanks for being part of the Prize4Life family!