Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dr. Vicki Sato on Prize4Life: The Extended Interview

In June of 2011, Prize4Life formally celebrated the awarding of the $1M ALS Biomarker Prize to Dr. Seward Rutkove for his development of eletrical impedance myography (EIM), a tool that has the potential to radically accelerate the development of drugs for ALS. To mark that occasion, Prize4Life interviewed some of the top minds in the ALS research, clinical, and industry communities asking for their thoughts on ALS, the drug development landscape, and the potential of the incentive prize model in spurring biomedical innovation. These interviews were compiled into a short video screened at our award gala.

Over the course of this summer, Prize4Life will be releasing extended versions of those interviews on our website and social media channels. The first is an interview with Dr. Vicki Sato, a Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School, a Professor of the Practice in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at Harvard University, a business advisor to Atlas Ventures, the former President of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and a current member of Prize4Life's Board of Directors.

You can also view the original video, 'Driving Breakthroughs in ALS Research: Prize4Life and the $1M ALS Biomarker Prize,' below.

Stay tuned for additional interviews to be released at, or follow along on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

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